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Trust your instincts, Take on Your Boldest Challenges Confidently and Live an Empowered, Purpose-Driven Life unburdened by fear and anxiety.

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What to Expect


Personal Development Life Coaching is a synergistic and empowering relationship in which you attain relevant and meaningful personal & professional goals by:

  • Designing your broader vision for life
  • Clearly understanding your personal values
  • Utilizing your past to strengthen your future
  • Understanding your unique personality and how it impacts your day-to-day choices, maximizing assets and minimize potential liabilities
  • Initiating actions, habits, and routines aligned to your highest aspirations
  • Establishing accountability provisions to fortify your action plans


When we begin, you will complete an impressively illuminating personal values assessment that will anchor your daily actions to your goals and vision.

The major work does not happen in the hour that we meet each week, but in the remaining 167 hours. Homework is often assigned to bolster your growth. One of the most powerful is a series of autobiographical writing activities that help you reflect on your patterns, amplifying your strengths and diminishing the impact of your faults as you walk into your vision step by step and goal by goal.

Throughout our sessions, we  utilize scientifically validated tools and techniques as relevant to your needs. The goal is to empower you to establish supports to keep you moving after you graduate from our sessions.

Most importantly, we have engaging, respectful, forward thinking, and constructive conversation that empowers you to live on purpose.


I offer the flexibility of meeting clients where they are. If you live in Toledo, OH or the surrounding communities, we meet face to face where you are, in your home or business, library, park (weather permitting), coffee shop, etc.  
I have private office space available in the Westgate area and in Whitehouse, OH as needed. 
Video conferencing is also an great option if you live outside my service area.


  • Convo time: 45-60 minutes
  • How often: weekly suggested (though we co-design that relationship & create a plan that best fits you)
  • How long: recommend setting four to six appointments before evaluating and planning next steps. Typically the greatest growth and stability comes after at least three months of consistent effort.

Here's how It Works

Get Clarity

In Your Values

In Your Direction

In Your Vision

Grab your calendar and check my schedule below to schedule a time for your free enVisioning session. 

Build Bridges

Clarity is power. We use that power to design a plan to build a bridge from where you are to where your aspirations can take you. You will gain confidence in your decision making as you align your personal development blueprint to your vision.

Take Action

Making purposeful changes requires not only planning, but doing. We identify what is or has worked well for you and what holds you back. We design action plans to instill proactive habits and routines to bring you to new levels of empowerment and growth.

Measure Progress

You can't drive with your eyes closed and expect to arrive at your destination. It is easy to forget where you've been and discount all of the growth you have made without accounting for your progress. We start with a baseline and keep a finger on the pulse of your development throughout the coaching process.

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Will It Work For You? What Clients Say

Kick-starting a more fulfilling life

Todd is a great coach, his experience and knowledge have helped me kick-start my efforts to a more organized and fulfilling life both at home and in my profession.

Corey G
Quality Control Manager

Secure, Nurturing and Awakening Environment for Personal Growth

Todd has an incredible way of creating a very secure, nurturing and awakening environment for personal growth. Whatever your goals, he will confidently help you navigate the way.

Heather Janis, C. Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist / Auroratide Hypnotherapy

Professional Recommendation

Todd has a gentle and caring spirit with a passion for helping others. I would highly recommend him for wellness coaching and counseling.

Wendy Nathan, MS, LSW, PCC-S
Clinical Counselor & Certified Wellness Coach / Thrive! Counseling and Wellness Coaching

He knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results.

Todd is one of the most intuitive individuals I’ve ever met. He has guided me as a life coach while my business was evolving. His insights into situations have always been spot on. And he knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results. I would recommend Todd Smith to anyone looking for a life coach that will help you to clarify, organize, or just simply acknowledge, not only where you want to go in life and business, but how to get there.

Pamela Z.
Writer / Ohio

Focused on achievable goals

Todd helped me to prioritize and focus on achievable goals.

Mike F.
Business Development / Minnesota

Super grateful

Todd, thanks so much for helping me out! I’ve got the habit set right now, so I’m super grateful for all of the help that you gave me.

Keith B.
Educator / Ontario

Deeply Appreciative

Todd is amazing. I was deeply appreciative of how much he invested in me.

Leah B.
Corporate Executive / Silicon Valley

Really Impressed

It was a very positive experience… I’m really impressed by the content and quality.


Very useful and constructive.


Knowledgeable and Encouraging

My husband and I are enjoying the subtle changes we are making in our daily habits. Todd is very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Susan K.
Executive Administrative Assistant / Michigan

Former Client Impacting the World

Former enLīven Wellness Life Coaching client’s, Dr. Richard Shuster had a vision for making the world a better place. He took the initiative to step into his dream with the support of enLīven Wellness Life Coaching to make it happen.

A clinical psychologist, Dr. Shuster envisioned his life impacting humanity beyond his clinical neuropsychological assessment practice. With dreams to someday become an author, magnifying the scope of his gifts, Dr. Shuster set his vision and put the people and supports in place to achieve an incredible goal of launching a successful podcast. Within 15 months, he turned that seed of a dream into The Daily Helping podcast. Fast forward to the present, you will hear from some of the most amazing, talented, and successful people on the planet who followed their passions and strive to help others. Guests include physician, activist, and comedian, Patch Adams, author, speaker, and therapist Dr. Melanie Greenberg, award winning chef and author, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, professor, engineer, and autism spectrum spokesperson, Temple Grandin, and 7 figure revenue earning podcaster, John Lee Dumas. Known on his show as Dr. Richard, this dedicated psychologist is making big waves in an ocean of podcasts and represents the synergy that can happen in a client/coach partnership.

I’m incredibly proud of Richard’s success and how he has achieved this piece of his vision while also achieving a greater sense balance in his life.

Read more…

If you are like me, you will find a ton of value in each episode. I encourage anyone and everyone to subscribe to The Daily Helping podcast. Check out the latest episode below.

RSS The Daily Helping
  • Ep. 76: Horses Healing Veterans | with Amanda Held November 12, 2018
    Welcome to our second annual Veterans Day special, where we feature a really amazing Veteran with an incredible story - and a nonprofit as well, where we can help veterans who may be in crisis.Amanda E. Held is an equine specialist facilitator, lifelong equestrian, and veteran with seventeen combined years of service in the United […]

“Indecision, doubt and fear. The members of this unholy trio are closely related; where one is found, the other two are close at hand.” – Napoleon Hill

Indecision is a decision to let Fear Rule. Little comes from choices made from fear.

Do you ever feel like making even the simplest decisions is impossible? I can help you trust your instincts.

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My Promises To You

No judgement – There is nothing you have done that is deserving of my judgement. If I notice any ineffective or self-sabotaging behaviors, I will hold you accountable, but always with respect and dignity. Ultimately, you make the choices that are best for your life at that time.

I will walk with you as long as you need a partner in reaching your goals. You will recognize when you can continue to move forward without my advocacy. I care about you tremendously, but come on, you don’t want me hanging around forever. We co-create, not create dependence.

That said, once a client, always a client. I love hearing your success stories and will always have time to give you a little nudge should you need it.

I will seek to understand your unique and personal perspective, but also take an objective long view to help you see other possibilities and perspectives, giving you feedback with your long-term success as my guiding principle.

We will use proven methods to create sustainable practices that you can transfer to other areas and other goals.

We will track your growth. I’m all about tuning into your heart, but measuring your progress is huge, especially when you hit a rough patch (and let’s be honest, you will – it’s part of growth).

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Lost Focus? Can't Seem To Get The Meaningful Stuff Done?

About Todd

enLiven Wellness Life Coaching founder, Todd Smith is a former former school psychologist, department head, and regional director of his state association for school psychologists. He spent several years supporting teachers, fellow professionals, families, and students in building better outcomes. As a personal growth life coach and personal development educator, he now leverages his professional experience, training and his own journey of self-discovery to help others transform their lives.

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