1:1 Life Coaching

My Specialties

Personal Power

Gain the confidence to express who you are. Live empowered, motivated and purposefully.


Gain clarity on what’s most important and prioritize goals.



Create & strengthen relationships – with yourself and others.


Action Orientation

Align your daily actions to your vision. Create effective habits to make time for what is really important in your life.

Break Ineffective Patterns

Understand which habits and behaviors disrupt your growth, replacing them with effective routines.

Growth Mindset

See and think bigger by expanding beliefs of what’s possible & achievable.


My Promises To You

I'll discern but never judge

No judgement - There is nothing you have done that is deserving of my judgement. If I notice any ineffective or self-sabotaging behaviors, I will hold you accountable, but always with respect and dignity. Ultimately, you make the choices that are best for your life at that time.

We'll co-create not create co-dependence

I will walk with you as long as you need a partner in reaching your goals. You will recognize when you can continue to move forward without my advocacy. I care about you tremendously, but come on, you don't want me hanging around forever. We co-create, not create dependence.

That said, once a client, always a client. I love hearing your success stories and will always have time to give you a little nudge should you need it.

I’ll listen for understanding

I will seek to understand your unique and personal perspective, but also take an objective long view to help you see other possibilities and perspectives.

We’ll focus on sustainable, proven practices

We will use proven methods to create sustainable practices that you can transfer to other areas and other goals.

We’ll measure your trajectory

We will track your growth. I'm all about tuning into your heart, but measuring your progress is huge, especially when you hit a rough patch (and let's be honest, you will - it's part of growth).

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Knowledgeable and Encouraging

My husband and I are enjoying the subtle changes we are making in our daily habits. Todd is very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Very useful and constructive.


Really Impressed

It was a very positive experience... I'm really impressed by the content and quality.


Deeply Appreciative

Todd is amazing. I was deeply appreciative of how much he invested in me.

Corporate Executive / Silicon Valley

Super grateful

Todd, thanks so much for helping me out! I've got the habit set right now, so I'm super grateful for all of the help that you gave me.


Focused on achievable goals

Todd helped me to prioritize and focus on achievable goals.


He knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results.

Todd is one of the most intuitive individuals I've ever met. He has guided me as a life coach while my business was evolving. His insights into situations have always been spot on. And he knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results. I would recommend Todd Smith to anyone looking for a life coach that will help you to clarify, organize, or just simply acknowledge, not only where you want to go in life and business, but how to get there.

Pamela Z

Strategy Conversation

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30 minute phone conversation assessing your current vision, motivation and supports to create a plan for moving forward using your unique skills and resources. This truly at no cost to you without any obligation for further coaching, though this session is reserved for individuals who are serious about making important life changes.

Development Session

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45-60 minute structured conversation focused on weekly goals and long-term vision. Solution focused sessions are centered around client priorities, building upon previous action oriented plans. Each conversation concludes discussing next steps and scheduling future conversations as needed. There is never any obligation for how frequently we meet.

Growth Membership

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Month-by-month membership with up to 2 weekly sessions (8/mo) with daily texting support. Solution focused conversations are centered around client priorities, building upon previous action oriented plans.This plan is for highly motivated individuals with ambitious goals. This is the plan for you if you are hoping to jumpstart your goals. Switch to single sessions at completion of any plan.

Break Free

Helping clients to break away from the status quo and into your personal power. Live a life of courage, purpose and meaning.

Wherever You Are

Whether we connect virtually from anywhere in the world or face-to-face in Toledo, OH and the surrounding communities, enLīven Wellness Coaching, llc is wherever you are. We can meet in your home or office, coffee house, library, or even the park.

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