What if you could let go of regret

regardless of the mistakes you have made because you know that no matter the circumstances, no matter the pain caused or felt, your mistakes can't define you unless you let them. By your mistakes, by your perceived failures you have the ingredients and impetus for profound growth.

How much of your personal power do you give away?

Because of your past? Old beliefs? Wearing a mask? Putting up walls? Holding onto emotional pain? Keeping quite? Caring too much about perceptions? It's times to let that all go.

There are times that I walked away from a situation knowing that I didn’t do what should have been done or said what needed to be spoken. Living your power isn't about winning an argument (there aren't ever winners) or exerting your will on others, it is about knowing your truth and expressing yourself confidently and respectfully.

When you are living in your power, you are able to express your leadership authentically, create harmonious relationship, live purposefully, manifest goals aligned to your values, and let go of situations that don't need to be controlled. Living in your power is never selfish, it is self-fulfilling. You are influential without manipulation.

When you are living in your personal power, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

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