Todd Smith

A former school psychologist, I founded enLīven Wellness Coaching, a holistic well-being personal coaching practice, built upon my Masters of Education in Counseling and experience in the world of education. Everyone has it within them to be an ever-evolving expression of good. With the right mindset and the right actions, we are all able to build that bridge from where we are to where we are meant to grow, enjoying the journey along the way. Amazingly, just by taking the steps, the pieces seem to just fall into place if you honor the journey, I get really excited as I support people in taking right steps, and sometimes missteps, that move them along a more and more enlightened road and to a more fulfilling experience of life. This is why I do what I do. I am incredibly thankful for this journey of mine that helped me uncover the essence of why I took my steps and missteps.

Setting Goals and Changing Behaviors

Goal setting app provides users with levels of support to make positive life change through coaching If you have read my About Me page, you have seen some of my vehicles for client engagement. One of the most exciting is Coach.Me (@Coachdotme). Formerly goal achieving app Lift, has evolved into a personal coaching-centered platform to guide …

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Welcome to EAS. Health, Wellness, and Love of Learning

Welcome to my Blog at As my friends may know, I started a personal blog several months ago after kicking the idea around for a couple of years. I also had a website URL that I wasn’t sure how to use. Since then, a couple of concepts have come together. First, and in line …

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