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A habit of reading is one of the best (and easiest) tools for personal growth and mindset development. The list below contains some of the best books I’ve come across (or are on my own “too read” list).



There are so many great podcasts out there, but one of the best (I may be a little partial on this because Dr Richard Shuster is one of my awesome success stories) is The Daily Helping Podcast. Check out the latest episodes below.



RSS The Daily Helping Podcast with Dr Richard Shuster
  • Ep. 111: Making Education Affordable & Accessible For Everyone | with Grant Aldrich July 15, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Grant Aldrich. He’s the founder of He has a purpose-driven mission to make higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone. He’s been a board member and a donor on a number of nonprofits and an advisor to many publicly-traded companies, a guest speaker at seminars and graduate school […]
  • Ep. 110: Turning Adversity Into Generosity | with Marcus Aurelius Anderson July 8, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Marcus Aurelius Anderson, author of the book The Gift of Adversity, TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, U.S. army veteran, and high performance mindset coach, who works with corporations, leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs. He speaks, writes, inspires, and coaches others to overcome their own adversities and actualize their own personal definition of […]
  • Ep.109: Finding Your Why to Become a Conscious Millionaire | with JV Crum III July 1, 2019
    Today our expert guest is JV Crum III. He created his first million dollars at the age of 25, he hosts the Conscious Millionaire Podcast & Radio Network which was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 13 business shows. He’s a number-one best-selling author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is a high […]
  • Ep. 108: From Auto Mechanic to All-Star to Author | with Mark Eaton June 24, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Mark Eaton, successful motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of The Four Commitments of a Winning Team, as well as a 7’4” NBA all-star who played for the Utah Jazz. He’s spoken to numerous world-class organizations including IBM, FedEx, Phillips 66, T-Mobile, and LG. He’s been featured in print and […]
  • Ep. 107: Achieving Your Financial Goals & Making Money Simple | with Peter Lazaroff June 17, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Peter Lazaroff, chief investment officer at Plancorp which manages over $4 billion for its clients and author of the book Making Money Simple. He’s here to share complex issues and make them manageable to just about anyone.   At a young age, Peter knew he had a future in investing. […]
  • Ep. 106: Bring About Meaningful Change Through Music | with Roger Nierenberg June 10, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Conductor Roger Nierenberg, creator of The Music Paradigm. He has conducted for the London Philharmonic, The New Zealand Symphony, and the National Symphony, among countless others, and performed over 100 orchestras around the globe.   Roger developed the Music Paradigm after studying why American audiences weren’t receptive to classical music, […]

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