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A habit of reading is one of the best (and easiest) tools for personal growth and mindset development. The list below contains some of the best books I’ve come across (or are on my own “too read” list).



There are so many great podcasts out there, but one of the best (I may be a little partial on this because Dr Richard Shuster is one of my awesome success stories) is The Daily Helping Podcast. Check out the latest episodes below.



RSS The Daily Helping Podcast with Dr Richard Shuster
  • 149. The 3 Secrets to Becoming a Strong Leader | with Alain Hunkins April 6, 2020
    Today our expert guest is Alain Hunkins, author of Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders, is a sought-after speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. Over his 20-year career, he has led over 2000 groups in 25 countries, with clients such as Walmart, CitiGroup, State Farm, Microsoft, and more. Alain has designed and […]
  • 148. Becoming Legendary | with Tommy Breedlove March 30, 2020
    Today our expert guest is Tommy Breedlove, best-selling author of the book Legendary and an internationally-recognized business, relationship, and mindset coach. Tommy started his 20-year corporate career at one of the largest financial consulting firms in the world and eventually became a shareholder, the International Practice Leader, and a member of the board of directors […]
  • 147. How to Stay Safe and Sane During the Coronavirus Pandemic March 23, 2020
    Today’s episode is a special one all about the coronavirus. We’re not going to spend too much time talking about facts, figures, and statistics, but we’re going to focus on specific strategies you can use to stay healthy and sane during these tough times. There is so much out there in the media, but this […]
  • 146. Tapping into the Power of a Mastermind | with Leo Hefner March 16, 2020
    Today our expert guest is Leo Hefner, an ethical business expert and co-founder of Mastermind Association. He has recently been featured in the national bestselling book Wealth Made Easy with Dr. Greg Reed. Though his background is in real estate, his talks center around inspiring people to create not only loads of business wealth but […]
  • 145. The Leadership of You | with Sabina Nawaz March 9, 2020
    Today our expert guest is Sabina Nawaz, a global CEO coach, leadership keynote speaker, and writer working in over 26 countries. She advises C-level executives in Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and academic institutions. Sabina also teaches faculty at Northeastern University and facilitates the faculty fellowship development program at Drexel University as well. Previously, […]
  • 144. Resiliency, Believing in Yourself, & Overcoming the Odds | with Oleg Lougheed March 2, 2020
    Today our expert guest is Oleg Lougheed, and he is a renowned TedX speaker. He is helping individuals overcome odds and restore a sense of community and belonging. He helps to provide a safe place to develop one’s individual voice and connect to others via their life’s circumstances. He’s doing that through his life-changing website, […]

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