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A habit of reading is one of the best (and easiest) tools for personal growth and mindset development. The list below contains some of the best books I’ve come across (or are on my own “too read” list).



There are so many great podcasts out there, but one of the best (I may be a little partial on this because Dr Richard Shuster is one of my awesome success stories) is The Daily Helping Podcast. Check out the latest episodes below.



RSS The Daily Helping Podcast with Dr Richard Shuster
  • Ep. 116: Telling Your Own Third Story | with Flip Flippen August 19, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Flip Flippen. He is a New York Times best-seller and is recognized as one of the top leadership thought leaders in America, a prominent global keynote speaker, and founder of the Flippen Group, one of the fastest growing educator training, corporate talent, and team development companies in the United States. […]
  • Ep. 115: Taking Responsibility For Your Career & Personal Development | with Andy Storch August 12, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Andy Storch, a talent development consultant, coach, connector, speaker, and host of two world-renowned podcasts: The Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show.   Andy has been committed to getting people inspired to live their best life, but he didn’t always know that growing up. He grew up […]
  • Ep. 114: Give Yourself the Dad’s Edge: Becoming a Better Husband & Father | with Larry Hagner August 5, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Larry Hagner. He is the founder of the Good Dad Project and host of the Dad Edge podcast, the number one podcast for dads on iTunes.   Larry is the father of 4 boys, and he’s been married for 14 years to his incredible wife Jessica. He breaks down strategies […]
  • Ep. 113: Releasing Expectations & Judgement to Live a Meaningful Life | with Phoebe Mroczek July 29, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Phoebe Mroczek, a podcaster, coach and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs create a profitable business that is an honest reflection of who they are and what they want the most. She is the host of the Unbecoming Podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs release judgements, beliefs and past conditioning […]
  • Ep. 112: Turn Your Flaws Into Strengths & Failures Into Opportunities | with Sophie Morrison July 22, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Sophie Morrison, the best-selling author of Brain Judo and host of the EPIC/FAIL Podcast. Her content focuses on how entrepreneurs can turn weaknesses into strengths and find opportunity in failure.   Sophie has always liked breaking rules. When she was 5 or 6, she saw a bunch of bottles of […]
  • Ep. 111: Making Education Affordable & Accessible For Everyone | with Grant Aldrich July 15, 2019
    Today our expert guest is Grant Aldrich. He’s the founder of He has a purpose-driven mission to make higher education more accessible and affordable for everyone. He’s been a board member and a donor on a number of nonprofits and an advisor to many publicly-traded companies, a guest speaker at seminars and graduate school […]

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