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Flourish After Divorce?

Stop feeling lost and start thriving after divorce. Divorce Support Communities Starting Now. Let’s grow together.

There's no denying that divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. It's emotionally taxing. It can be tough to pick up the pieces and move on. You're not alone. It IS possible to not only rebound after divorce but to thrive.  That's why we've put together this divorce support community to support you in flourishing after divorce.

Are you ready to start rebuilding your life?

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Communities Are Forming

Your empowered life after divorce starts now!

What To Expect

Flourishing after Divorce support communities are small groups of 8-10 individuals plus two coaches to facilitate each virtual gathering via Zoom. The program will run 10 weeks with sessions held weekly. The focus is for men and women 35 and over who have been married for 10+ years (though this is not a hard rule). Community members are divorced, divorcing or separated likely heading for divorce.

Your Flourishing community will be strength-based, inclusive to all faiths, beliefs, identity and sexual orientations. We will lift each other up so each and every member sees the best in themselves and discovers the potential they have been missing or thought they might never exemplify. You will embark on your path forward.

  • To cultivate skills of presence, critical curiosity and attentive observation.
  • To improve recognition of unproductive biases and thinking traps, facilitating responsiveness to challenging and everyday circumstances personally and professionally.
  • To foster caring and compassion – in  other words, to prioritize advantageous stress responses.
  • To promote flourishing – optimism, resilience, health and well-being.

Each session will begin with a brief grounding practice to bring members into the present moment. Some might call this meditation, prayer, or just a breathing and focus exercise designed to regulate the nervous system. Whatever you consider it is fine. The purpose is to set aside the day’s grind and be present with your fellow community members and in tune with yourself and others (and a great practice to carry into the world when you need to get your head back into “the game”).

Through the course of the program participants will envision the best of their new life, notice the pieces of that life that are already present, and process the most difficult struggles they have faced, diffusing the landmines of trauma and cultivating silver linings that will carry forward beyond resilience and into flourishing.

These ends will be achieved through:

  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Dialogue Activities – through partner/whole group sharing and writing exercises

Flourishing community members are willing to change, accept responsibility for their growth, actively contribute in the group, your experience and insight is more valuable than you may know.

In addition to each member’s unique individual strengths, the Flourishing After Divorce program will nourish a number of character qualities of the most vibrant and balanced individuals. These qualities* include:

  • Self -Regulation – noticing and managing feelings and actions in a disciplined and self-controlled way
  • Social Intelligence – awareness and understanding of one’s own thoughts and feelings as well as the feelings of others and using that awareness for mutual benefit
  • Curiosity – seeing the novelty in any interaction or situation, even when they seem familiar, and tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty to gain new experience and insight. It is about openness to new ideas even when they seem to class with long-held beliefs 
  •  Gratitude – cultivation of a spirit of thankfulness. Noticing day by day and moment by moment all of life’s blessings, including the struggles that have helped make each person whom they are today
  • Hope – being realistic and optimistic about the future, believing in one’s actions and feeling confident that things will turn out well (even when circumstances get hard)

*from VIA Institute on Character (viacharacter.org)

Flourishing after Divorce

  • 10 weeks of peer and professional support learning tools for hope and healing
  • Weekly live video sessions - Engage from anywhere
  • Small group of 10 or less allowing for deep sharing, connection & growth
  • Do you work in "Hero" field? Discounts may be available

*If you cannot afford the financial investment, but are strongly committed to investing in your growth and healing, email us about your situation at coach@enlivenwellnesscoaching.com or reach out with the “Contact Us” button on the bottom right corner to discuss options.

Meet Us

Todd M. Smith, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Todd Smith, Divorce Support CoachWelcome, I’m glad you stopped by.  My name is Todd Smith founder of enLiven Wellness Life Coaching. I am a former school psychologist turned life coach.

I spent about 14 years in education where I got my first taste of coaching working with educational teams. Later I recognized how vital those skills were and how I could use them to make an impact. After a few years of searching, I finally recognized how I could best serve my community, founding enLiven Wellness Life Coaching in 2015. Since then I have logged thousands of hours of coaching, helping people develop into better and better versions of themselves.

I’ve been through my own tough times including divorce as you have. Because of that, I recognized the value divorce support when it feels like you are alone on an island. I value the power of facing and overcoming challenges. This is where I am at my best, helping people navigate their obstacles, catalysing them into resilience, grit, and a mindset primed for personal growth.

You are invited to join me and Hope along with other incredible individuals who are ready change the trajectory of their lives and become the empowered, purposeful and joy filled person they were meant to be. I am truly excited about the Flourishing after Divorce support program and look forward to the value and growth you will bring to this community.

Hope L. Resendez

Image of Divorce Support Coach Hope ResendezHello! My name is Esperanza (Hope) Resendez, it’s so great to meet you! I’m not sure what brought you here but trust that we found each other for a reason. In my former career, I was in property management for 22 years, however, I was actually a life  coach in disguise. Let me share a story with you…Jessica worked for me as a housekeeper.  She was under my leadership for several years.  I remember hearing the words come from her mouth when describing her position as “just” a housekeeper.  Obviously, no one is “just” anything.  All positions are highly valued (or should be) within any organization but her belief set was just that.  Through our time together, I encouraged her to look beyond her current role (although extremely important) and look to other opportunities that I knew she was very capable of.  Fast forward, Jessica is now a lead sales person for the same company.  She dominates this role and is looked to for her leadership in this industry.  You see, our belief set is the thing that either provides success stories like this one or stifles the story from ever beginning.  Fortunately, we both were able to celebrate her great success because she finally believed it was possible.    

Why life coaching you ask? Honestly, helping others become the best version of themselves has produced a joy in my heart that has been quite unmatchable.   Through countless bible studies, personal growth classes and a life of mentoring others I found a place that I belong.  

I’ve spent thousands of hours in personal development as I strived to overcome countless struggles, heartbreak and pain.  Through my studies, I’ve regained my life and found true whole-ness and happiness.  Let’s be honest, life can be both beautiful and unattractive on the same day!

Overcoming life’s challenges and more importantly overcoming our own private/personal struggles can sound and feel very scary.  What I’ve found and come to realize is that never attempting to grow into the better versions of ourselves is even more scary!

If you are searching for a deeper connection with yourself or ready to discover who you are truly meant to be, we can help!

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