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With Life Coaching, Be Better Than Ok

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“Are you Ok?”

We all Hear this A Lot And Often Respond With, “I’m Ok” Or “I’m fine.”

While It Is Okay To Be Okay, There Is So Much More In The Scope Of Well-Being Than Just feeling okay. You can thrive.

With the support of a life coach, you can set and achieve what is most important to you and be better than just Okay.

Are you just okay? Or are you thriving? Our life coaching services can help you reach your full potential and achieve what matters most to you. Don’t settle for mediocrity – strive for greatness! Our experienced life coaches are here to guide you on your journey to a better, more fulfilling life. Take the first step and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.

If these things don’t ring true and you are you feeling disconnected, unfocused, or unfulfilled in your personal life, life coaching with enLiven Wellness Life Coaching might be the solution you’re looking for.

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Meet Us

Headshot of Todd M Smith smiling in a coffee shop.

Todd M. Smith, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by.  My name is Todd Smith, founder of enLiven Wellness Life Coaching. I am a school psychologist turned life coach with a mission to use my life's gifts, training, and maybe most importantly, struggles to support clients in navigating their well-being journey so they can live out their vision for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

I thought about starting you off with my LinkedIn style introduction. You know, the braggadocios one that tells you about my INCREDIBLE skills and experience… but then I realized that my life coaching profile isn’t the Me that you will get to know when you sit across from me with a coffee (whether in person or connected via technology of some sort). You are certainly welcome to see that version but I warned you! Here’s what I really want you to know about me (and likely what you’re actually looking for on this page anyway).

To be brief, I spent about 14 years in education where I got my first taste of coaching working with educational teams. I later recognized how vital those skills were and how I could use them to make an impact. After a few years of searching, I finally recognized how I could best serve my community, founding enLiven Wellness Life Coaching in 2015. Since then I have logged thousands of hours of coaching, helping people develop into better and better versions of themselves.

I’ve been through my own tough times as you probably have too. Because of that, I value the power of facing and overcoming challenges. This is where I am at my best, helping people navigate their obstacles, catalysing them into resilience, grit, and a mindset primed for personal growth.

I invite you to join me in a conversation to see how I can help you grow into an even better you.

Headshot of Hope L. Resendez.

Hope L. Resendez

Hello! My name is Esperanza (Hope) Resendez, it’s so great to meet you! I’m not sure what brought you here but trust that we found each other for a reason.  In my former career, I was in property management for 22 years, however, I was actually a life coach in disguise.

Let me share a story with you… Jessica worked for me as a housekeeper. She was under my leadership for several years. I remember hearing the words come from her mouth when describing her position as “just” a housekeeper. Obviously, no one is “just” anything. All positions are highly valued (or should be) within any organization but her belief set was just that. Through our time together, I encouraged her to look beyond her current role (although extremely important) and look to other opportunities that I knew she was very capable of. Fast forward, Jessica is now a lead sales person for the same company. She dominates this role and is looked to for her leadership in this industry. You see, our belief set is the thing that either provides success stories like this one or stifles the story from ever beginning. Fortunately, we both were able to celebrate her great success because she finally believed it was possible.

Why life coaching you ask? Honestly, helping others become the best version of themselves has produced a joy in my heart that has been quite unmatchable. Through countless bible studies, personal growth classes and a life of mentoring others I found a place that I belong.

I’ve spent thousands of hours in personal development as I strived to overcome countless struggles, heartbreak and pain. Through my studies, I’ve regained my life and found true whole-ness and happiness. Let’s be honest, life can be both beautiful and unattractive on the same day!

Overcoming life’s challenges and more importantly overcoming our own private/personal struggles can sound and feel very scary. What I’ve found and come to realize is that never attempting to grow into the better versions of ourselves is even more scary!

If you are searching for a deeper connection with yourself or ready to discover who you are truly meant to be, we can help!

Headshot of TJ Gillespie

TJ Gillespie

Hello all, my name is TJ Gillespie, and I am a Life Coach at enLiven Wellness Life Coaching! I have an extensive background in athletics, business, psychology, sports coaching and development, trauma, and relationships of all natures. Many of us are searching for solutions to the daily obstacles we face and that’s where I come in. I specialize in helping my clients identify solutions and build healthy habits that produce the success we are aiming for.

Born on a naval base in Virginia but raised in Toledo, Ohio. Discipline and understanding of my surroundings have been instilled in me by parents since Day 1. I have unique experiences growing up because I had the discipline of a “military kid”, lived in the inner city surrounded by endless crime, but also went to private school. I am extremely grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to help me see a different world that was out there. I have witnessed firsthand the trials and tribulations we face in our area but also the beauty within. My unique experiences have given me insight and familiarity to not only relate but to also guide and reshape the way we respond/feel.

We trust in the power of individuals to create meaningful change in their lives. We believe each person is uniquely whole, creative, and resourceful, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for our clients to explore and pursue their personal growth and well-being goals.

…at enLiven Wellness Life Coaching is to empower clients to make lasting transformations in holistic well-being. Through evidence-based positive psychology practices and a strengths-focused approach, we provide a safe and supportive environment that inspires growth and change, enabling clients to unlock their potential and live fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.

…at enLiven Wellness Life Coaching is to be a top quality provider of evidence-based positive psychology solutions, offering individual and group coaching, online courses, workshops, and retreats that empower individuals to achieve holistic well-being and lead purpose-driven lives. We aspire to create a world where everyone has access to the tools and resources they need to thrive and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world at large.

are at the heart of everything we do. They guide our actions, shape our culture, and inform our relationships with clients. Our values represent who we are, what we stand for, and what we aspire to be. We are committed to upholding these values in all aspects of our work, as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and the world around us.

  • Empathy: We prioritize understanding and relating to our clients’ experiences and emotions and use this understanding to guide our coaching approach.
  • Growth: We believe in the capacity for positive change and aim to help our clients grow and develop in all areas of their lives.
  • Integrity: We uphold high ethical standards in all of our interactions, and maintain honesty and transparency in our coaching relationships.
  • Compassion: We approach our coaching practice with kindness, sensitivity, and a non-judgmental attitude, recognizing that each client’s journey is unique.
  • Collaboration: We work alongside our clients, recognizing that they are the experts in their own lives, and aim to co-create a coaching plan that is tailored to their unique needs and goals.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves and our clients accountable for the goals they set and the actions they take to achieve them.
  • Growth mindset: We believe in the power of growth and personal development and encourage our clients to adopt a growth mindset to achieve their goals.
  • Authenticity: We believe in being authentic and genuine in all interactions with our clients, creating a safe and supportive environment for personal growth.
  • Curiosity: We value a sense of wonder and the drive to learn and grow, encouraging exploration and openness to new ideas and experiences. Curiosity is essential for personal and professional development. We strive to cultivate an environment that fosters curiosity and creativity, and we encourage our clients to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity as opportunities for growth and discovery, approaching their lives with an inquisitive and open mindset. 
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Client Testimonials

Susan K.
Executive Administrative Assistant / Michigan

Knowledgeable and Encouraging

My husband and I are enjoying the subtle changes we are making in our daily habits. Todd is very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Leah B.
Corporate Executive / Silicon Valley

Deeply Appreciative

Todd is amazing. I was deeply appreciative of how much he invested in me.

Keith B.
Educator / Ontario

Super Grateful

Todd, thanks so much for helping me out! I've got the habit set right now, so I'm super grateful for all of the help that you gave me.

Mike F.
Business Development / Minnesota

Focused on Achievable Goals

Todd helped me to prioritize and focus on achievable goals.

Pamela Z.
Writer / Ohio

He knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results.

Todd is one of the most intuitive individuals I've ever met. He has guided me as a life coach while my business was evolving. His insights into situations have always been spot on. And he knows just when to gently lead, or give me that kick-my-butt push I need to see results. I would recommend Todd Smith to anyone looking for a life coach that will help you to clarify, organize, or just simply acknowledge, not only where you want to go in life and business, but how to get there.

Wendy Nathan, MS, LSW, PCC-S
Clinical Counselor & Certified Wellness Coach / Thrive! Counseling and Wellness Coaching

Professional Recommendation

Todd has a gentle and caring spirit with a passion for helping others. I would highly recommend him for wellness coaching and counseling.

Heather Janis, C. Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist / Auroratide Hypnotherapy

Secure, Nurturing and Awakening Environment for Personal Growth

Todd has an incredible way of creating a very secure, nurturing and awakening environment for personal growth. Whatever your goals, he will confidently help you navigate the way.

Corey G
Quality Operations and Customer Relations Manager

Authentic, Empowering Coaching

Todd successfully helped me at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Todd is completely transparent and professional in his coaching process, in a way that makes you feel extremely comfortable. His ability to connect to people and his passion for helping others is very visible. I have benefited from his direction. He will not disappoint!

Amy K

Sincere, Effective, Supportive

Before I started my search for a coach, I decided I would like to work with someone who did not act like they were Tony Robbins. I spoke with several and found that Todd was by far the most sincere. He is very effective and also supportive. In the time I have worked with Todd, I have developed much better time management and organizational skills. I feel certain I would not have taken steps toward the goals I have always talked about accomplishing without Todd's help. Highly recommend.

Melissa T

Knows How to Coach Me

Todd is a great listener and coach. He always offers a different perspective and really knows how to coach me and redirect my thoughts. He celebrates my wins and doesn’t allow me to get down on my losses. Overall I would highly recommend Todd if you are needing to make changes in your life, redirect your perspective, or reach your goals.

Scott W

Helped Me Hone In

You helped me hone in on a direction that I pretty much knew, but needed another voice to get back to my goals... and remind me to keep them. I very much appreciate our getting together.  If I need follow up I would not hesitate to reconnect! And I loved your dog...

What to Expect

The descriptions below provide a general idea of the scope and sequence, though we will always make room for anything important that may pop up. For example, we may be focused on a given goal but when something pops up that needs to be addressed before it takes you off track, we will make space to keep you progressing.

We will work through the following three major phases, then repeat each time we set new goals (but condensed each time since we will already have established a strong base of trust and rapport):

A free 30 minute life coaching session, conducted via telephone, is the perfect way to determine if your style and expectations align with that of your prospective coach. This consultation is designed to check for fit and feel, ensuring that you are on track to achieve your goals. Your coach will openly share their thoughts on the match and offer referrals if they believe another professional would be better suited to help you. Prior to the consultation, you will have the opportunity to complete surveys that identify your top character strengths, personal values, and current state of well-being. This information will be used to guide the conversation, allowing you to better accomplish and expand on your preliminary goals using your key strengths and assets.

This is the first life coaching session primarily designed to explore your goals and learn about your experiences, both good and bad to bring light to your amazing resilience, strengths and resources so you can capitalize on that wisdom. This session, like all sessions will be organized around your priorities. I am here as a guide on your journey, you are the one that makes it all happen. This session will end with an action plan aligned to your preliminary goals so you can immediately experience success.

Following the enVisioning Session, I allow you the flexibility to use your time in a way that best fits your needs. We put systems in place and determine how to best utilize coaching supports. The typical monthly subscription provides you 4 hours of coaching support per month. The focus of these sessions will be to dream up the possibilities, design a plan to bring that vision to life and then take decisive action upon that plan, following up regularly with brief and effective evaluation and course revision as needed. 

enLiven Core Values

When you are an enLiven Wellness Life Coaching client, anticipate high expectations. We believe in you maybe even more than you do. We have such high expectations because we have seen the amazing results that emerge from dedicated effort.

While our core values don’t need to be your core values, they do need to be something you’re willing to commit to in synergy with your innate values and strengths to achieve the goals you set in life coaching. Commit to and embrace these values with us to engage in an experience that will change your life. 

“I persist toward my goals despite obstacles, discouragements, or disappointments.”

Perseverance is sticking with things. It means being hardworking and finishing what is started, despite barriers and obstacles that arise. There is pleasure received from completing tasks and projects. Sometimes we must dig deep and muster the will to overcome thoughts of giving up. Perseverance involves organizing oneself to support activities (e.g., scheduling breaks and sticking to them, rewarding in small ways along the way), but when all else fails, this strength helps the person to barrel through until the project is done. This helps build further confidence for future successes and goal accomplishment. Perseverance involves the voluntary continuation of a goal-directed action despite the presence of challenges, difficulties, and discouragement. There are two vectors of perseverance. It requires both effort for a task and duration to keep the task up.

“I seek out situations where I gain new experiences without getting in my own or other people’s way.”

Curious individuals are interested in exploring new ideas, activities and experiences, and they also have a strong desire to increase their own personal knowledge. 

“I am realistic and also full of optimism about the future, believing in my actions and feeling confident things will turn out well.”

The character strength of hope has to do with positive expectations about the future. It involves optimistic thinking and focusing on good things to come. Hope is more than a feel-good emotion. It is an action-oriented strength involving agency, the motivation and confidence that goals can be reached, and also that many effective pathways can be devised in order to get to that desired future. Optimism is closely linked with having a particular explanatory style (how we explain the causes of bad events). People using an optimistic explanatory style interpret events as external, unstable and specific. Those using a pessimistic explanatory style interpret events as internal, stable and global.

“I am aware of and understand my feelings and thoughts, as well as the feelings of those around me.”

When a person knows what makes other people tick, he or she is displaying social intelligence. They’re aware of the motives and feelings of themselves and others. They can feel comfortable and say the right thing whether they’re in the boardroom or the janitorial room, in a school setting or at a construction site. Social intelligence involves two general components:

  • Social awareness: what we sense about others
  • Social facility: what we do with our awareness

“I take charge and guide groups to meaningful goals, and ensure good relations among group members.”

Leadership can take on many forms. For our purposes, leadership refers to the tendency to bring people together and encourage cooperation, while maintaining good relations within the group. Like teamwork, leadership involves being committed to the goals beyond ourselves, Leadership involves setting goals and accomplishing them, enlisting effective help, building coalitions, and smoothing ruffled feathers. Effective leaders are able to provide a positive vision or message that inspires dedicated followers who feel empowered and perhaps even inspired.

“I manage my feelings and actions and am disciplined and self-controlled.”

Self-Regulation is a complex character strength. It has to do with controlling your appetites and emotions and regulating what you do. Demonstrating self-regulation facilitates effectiveness in pursuing and achieving goals by controlling reactions to disappointment and insecurities. Self-regulation helps keep a sense of balance, order, and progress in life. Self-Regulation can be viewed as a resource that can be depleted and fatigued. A useful metaphor can be that self-regulation acts like a muscle, which can be exhausted through over-exertion or strengthened through regular practice.

The core values described above are taken from the work of the VIA Institute. Learn more about VIA Character Strengths from The Power of Character Strengths by Ryan Niemiec.

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Case Studies