23 Family Therapy Techniques to Strengthen Your Relationships

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Dealing with a family feud?
Family therapy can provide an avenue to both individual and collective healing for a multitude of different issues.
The origins of family therapy did not emerge until the 1940s and 1950s (Carr, 2012). Researchers and clinicians challenged the dominant psychoanalytic view of emotional disorders by proposing that these disorders were symptoms of troubled family relationships rather than subconscious issues (Goldenberg, 2017).
Research on psychotherapeutic work with family came from theories rooted in sociology, anthropology, and biology to create an in-depth understanding of the complex family interaction (Goldenberg, 2017).
Having developed significantly throughout the years, family therapy techniques are foundational to the healing process. We look at family therapy techniques you can apply in your practice, and the scenarios they are best suited for.
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