EFT Tapping: The Psychology Behind Tapping Therapy

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Have you thought about integrating tapping to your clinical toolbox? Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping, uses the self-stimulation of acupuncture points through tapping to decrease distress.
EFT tapping is a body-centric therapy that combines elements of cognitive and exposure therapy you may already use, with light pressure on acupoints.
The number of professionals using EFT tapping is estimated in the tens of thousands (Leskowitz, 2016). Tapping is used by psychotherapists, as well as teachers, physicians, athletic trainers, nurses, life coaches, and disaster relief workers (Feinstein, 2023).
The underlying premise of EFT tapping is that stimulation of the physical body has psychological effects. But how does it work? What can you use it for? Is it effective? In this blog, we will describe how to perform clinical EFT, the science of tapping, and how it can be integrated into your practice.
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