The Trick to Keeping Your Well-Being Habits Alive!

Lifetime Fitness Tracker Spreadsheet

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Creating a well-being habit for life?

Monitor progress with this well-being goal tracker spreadsheet

It is a well known fact that we are more likely to reach our goals when we track our progress. I have redeveloped a tracking spreadsheet template for Google Sheets that I have used for several years to document progress toward my own goals. It has morphed over time into what it is now. You may have your own method of documenting your growth, but if you need a tracking tool, I am glad to share mine. As a template, you are able to take and use this as your own without concern of your data being viewable by me or anyone else. Note that I have locked many of the cells that do not need to be altered to maintain the integrity of the calculations and graphing. It is set up to document for an entire year, but you can use it for as long as you wish.  If you only want to document a month at a time on the sheet, a clean copy can be downloaded for subsequent months.

The link below will direct you to my fitness tracker Google Sheet template.


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