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Just to be clear, I don’t plan on becoming a recipe blogger. But when I find something that fits within the parameters of my life coaching practice, I’ll share it. I can unequivocally state that so much of what we call wellness starts with nutrition. Life coaching is absolutely a client centered endeavor, but if I were to make any suggestion to a client presenting with issues related to focus, health, fitness, fatigue, weight loss, or purpose, I would suggest that they take inventory of exactly how they fuel their vessel. All the exercise in the world can’t fix poor nutrition. That said, I’d like to share a juice recipe that I first enjoyed at an Ann Arbor juice bar and recreated at home.


I do a cleansing juice fast approximately once every three months, varying the format at times. One such cleanse,  I started with a water fast for two days before juicing for three days and easing back into eating with juice and whole foods. My most recent was a week-long fast of juice for the first two meals and a home cooked, whole foods meal for dinner (prompted by the bloated sensation of two straight days of pizza dinners).


On to my recipe…

Hot Granny Green Juice Ingredients - enLiven Wellness Coaching
Hot Granny Green Juice Ingredients – Granny Smith apples, pear, jalapeño, kale.

I’m a huge fan of spicy and sweet, just like your ol’ Grams, as the title implies (I hope you have figured out by now that I am referring to Granny Smith Apples and not my dad’s mom. I never knew her as Grandma Smith anyway). The tart sweetness of the apple and pear pairs beautifully with spice of the chili pepper. Any bitterness you might find in the greens is entirely voided by the more pronounced tastes upon the tongue. I finish my drink over ice with a pinch of sea salt to both accentuate the flavors and provide additional electrolytes.


For a true cleansing fast, use a juicer that removes the pulp. It is torturous to tease your tummy with a little something to digest. If you plan on eating, you can use a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix to grind your ingredients. The procedure will vary based on your juicer . Consult your machine’s instruction manual for any questions.


(As a note, I use an Omega Juicer for all of my juicing needs – it also does a great job on nut butters and for making ice “cream” from frozen fruits.)

Hot Granny Green Juice Image - Granny Smith apples, pear, greens, jalapeno chili - enLiven Wellness Coaching


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