All of the Labels You’ve Been Given Don’t Have to Stick – Todd Smith Quote

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All of the Labels You’ve Been Given Don’t Have to Stick

Any labels you deal with that seem excessively “sticky” and hard to detach from

Quote on enLiven Wellness Life Coaching chalkboard reading, "All of the labels you've been given don't have to stick." - Todd Smith - Todd Smith Life Coach Toledo, Blissfield
“All of the labels you’ve been given don’t have to stick.” – Todd Smith

who you really are? I often hear people say, “I’m so ADD”. Remember that labels are human constructs. They are a part

of language to describe characteristics and they carry a certain energy very much defining who we are as individuals. For example, the label of “schizophrenia” often puts citizens of western cultures on heavy anti-psychotic medication and often under extremely restrictive care, yet the same characteristics given a positive label in many traditional cultures are nurtured and considered a gift of connecting the individual to a higher consciousness . Whatever label you have stuck to your self, consider how you might be using it as a crutch or an excuse for stepping into your power. Next time you consider your labels as faults, also try to find the ways in which they actually help you.

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