May The Force Be With You: Living On The Light Side

Personal Energy Usage : Light Energized - Dark Depletes

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Let’s face it, everyone loves a Star Wars reference, right? It appeals to the geek in all of us.

As Yoda might ask, “On the light or the dark side does your energy go?” While I am not exactly talking good and evil here, I am asking whether the choices you make on day-to-day basis support your expansion toward Jedi-dom, or do they make you feel as if you are slogging through a boggy marsh as your X-Wing fighter sinks?


It is easy to look at our vices and and dismiss them as behaviors that bring us enjoyment. I am not making moral judgments here, but if we take inventory of our behaviors, me might find that we engage in far more of these energy sapping choices than we realize. So often our intentions behind a behavior are far worse on our psyche than the behavior by itself.  For example, grabbing a highly-processed factory farmed burger from the place with the the red-headed clown is an energy disruptor, but sneaking that burger so your family does not know multiplies that bad ju-ju and weighs heavier on your soul and your health creating a stronger sense of dis-ease.


Consider the following list. It is not exhaustive, but highlights some daily occurrences. Which list gets more tick marks in your usual day?

Where is your energy flowing checklist
Reviewing your answers, do you find that you gravitate more toward the positive or the negative, the light or the dark? As you set an intention to internalize your dreams and goals, your daily choices are the vehicle that carries you on your journey. It is more than just the big movements specific to your goals, it is the small functions that carry you from moment to moment. By staying in the light, you remain aligned to your dreams. We stay stuck by spending our energy in the dark, even when the net effect is neutral. Use this list, or create your own to periodically evaluate your days. You can even do a quick check as your wind down for bed by checking your emotional state. Do you feel tired but accomplished, energized and excited for tomorrow, or do you feel exhausted and defeated? If you tend toward the latter, chances are you are spending your energy focusing on choices that do not resonate with your highest good.


However your self-evaluation, tomorrow is another day to reset your intention to the light. Check in with your comments below. We all have it within us to reach our dreams.  Our dreams are within us and the choices we make align to our purpose more or less. Choose more.



If you are not sure how to evaluate your choices as light or dark, or struggle with the bigger questions you may wish to speak with a coach as wider perspective on your life. Contact me for a complimentary session.


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