Top 10 Reasons You Really Need a Life Coach

Chuck Norris (probably) has a life coach

In this article:

Face it, everyone loves a top 10 list (thanks to David Letterman).

Here are my top 10 reasons to hire a life coach

(in no particular order – literally)

#10 – Chuck Norris (probably) has a life coach – I could have titled this, “1 Reason You Really Need a Life Coach” and left it at that. But just in case Chuck (Mr. Norris to the rest of you), doesn’t give you a roundhouse kick to the heart, below are nine more reasons.

#7 – You have BIG ideas, but get stuck in the minutiae. It doesn’t matter if your big ideas are about health, relationship, career, money, or even a side project you have always dreamt about. Your life coach will help you clearly identify your goal and create targeted steps to achieving that goal. An effective life coach needn’t be an “expert” in the area of your growth, just an expert in process facilitation. Your life coach will ask the right questions at the right times to empower you to make the next step.

#2 – On the seesaw of life you seem to always be up or down. I know seesaws are fun…on the playground. Life is much more enjoyable when you are in balance, or in control of the areas of life that need the most focus rather than constantly operating in reactive mode. Being balanced does not mean that all areas of life are equally weighted. Your life coach will assist you in finding the balance that is right for your life. If you like the butterflies in your stomach, head back to the playground!

# 8 – You’ve had success, but not feeling the fulfillment. Good job, great family, but still feel like something is missing? Your life coach is here to help you break down the barriers that separate your hearts desires from your worldly success. It is possible to have both. For some this may mean cultivating a complementary creative life. For others, it may mean parlaying skills and talents into another career that fully captures your excitement.

# 4- You’ve lost the feelings of success you once felt. Your life coach will help you navigate change such as a job or relationship loss, or even a shift in work responsibilities that has you feeling less than grounded. Expect perspective, skills development, and support over advice. While your coach may occasionally give you invaluable nuggets, it will be presented in a way that gives you full control to implement it in a way that resonates with you.

#3 – You are lost in the forest of day to day demands. Your life coach has a unique skill set and perspective that places them outside of the forest. They are able to see your situation from a perspective that your family or friends may not have. They can zoom in and zoom out again and even more valuable, they can teach you to do the same. How nice to see the forest AND the trees!

#6 – Bad habits, bad habits, bad habits. Most of what we do automatically throughout the day, each and every day, are habitual practices. This isn’t necessarily bad…except when it is. Obviously, your bedtime routine of washing your face and brushing your teeth is a healthful habit to have. Driving to work on that autopilot you seem to summon is pretty helpful too. Other habits, though suck the productivity from us or, even worse, such as the case of cigarette smoking, lead to terrible health consequences. Your life coach can help you to recognize and guide you to breaking the bad and establishing more supportive habits.

# 9- You want to perform at the top of your game.  Whether  an athlete, artist, or analyst, sometimes the lofty expectations you hold can seem to keep you from performing at our best. Your life coach can help you achieve a performance mindset, meaning that all of the doubts and fears of failure can be put into perspective. You will experience more success more often and recognize your struggles not as failures but as lessons to build upon for continuous growth.

#5 – Let’s face it, just because you say it, doesn’t mean you do it, right? I know that is true with me sometimes. You may want to, but wanting to and doing can be two very different things, especially when the action is a departure from the norm. Your life coach is a judgement free foundation of accountability. Accountability accelerates growth by creating an atmosphere of engagement. You work together to determine your next actions and must report back to your coach. If you struggle to act, your coach will help you break down the barriers and move ahead.  Your life coach helps you to understand your thinking and behavior patterns that may be counterproductive to growth. It is not always easy to hear, but you  can bet, anything your life coach points out is exclusively for moving you closer to your ultimate intention.

#1 – Life coaches are humans. As a life coach, I am a human being incarnated on this planet at this time. I live and experience the same world that you do. I am by no means perfect. I am by no means a guru of any sort. I’ve been challenged, am challenged and will continue to be challenged by this amazing life just like you. As life coaches are, I am also trained and skilled in listening to, facilitating, and creating an authentic relationship with you, my client, to assist you in manifesting in your life that which makes you really hum.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, I would be honored to work together in a complimentary initial one-on-one consultation and needs evaluation in person or via phone/Skype.

Contact me below to get started.

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