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A Simple Quiz to Better Understand You!

Ok, I’ll admit. I like taking those silly little Facebook quizzes that tell me the color of my aura, or which Disney princess I am. Heck, I even liked taking the GRE for graduate school. At least that one had relevance to my life.

I have come across another fun quiz. Similar in time commitment to when I learned I am Snow White, but with personal growth applicability. Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives, created this quiz for her book.

I love the quiz because it helps us to understand ourselves. When thinking about making change, we often struggle because we do not fully understand how we operate internally. When you better understand you, you become better at metacognition, or how you think about your own thinking patterns. The “Four Tendencies” quiz will provide understanding into how you tend to respond to expectations imposed upon you.

Whether you are Cinderella, Jasmine, Tiana, or Rapunzel, tuck the results of this insightful quiz into your memory banks to examine when you find yourself resisting change.

Comment below with your tendency. Do you agree? How do you recognize it working in your life? How well do you understand you?

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