Could You Be? Unveiling Hidden Gifts.

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Peter Mayer lyrics on enLiven Wellness Life Coaching chalkboard reading, "Could you be a siren made to raise your voice, but sinking in the silence afraid of making noise". Life Coach Todd Smith Blissfield
“Could you be a siren made to raise your voice, but sinking in the silence afraid of making noise” – Peter Mayer

When I hear the song Could You Be from Peter Mayer, a thoughtfully spiritual folk artist from Minnesota, I think of the gifts we all carry within us, but hesitate to share with the world. Everyone has their own justifications for veiling elements of their beauty. Sharing a personal story about gradually shedding one of mine and the greater sense of fulfillment I experience as I take some bold steps into a new potential, I hope will encourage you to do the same.

I have always loved music and singing in particular and consider it a mostly untapped gift.

A choir member for only a year as a high school freshman, I opted for journalism the remaining years of school for its future potential professional benefits, but it has left a sense of wanting ever since to grow my artistic talents in music. I even took a voice class in college in which students sang solo in front of the class four times throughout the semester. Wow, was that uncomfortable, but what an incredible test of determination! Beyond that, other than belting out tunes in the car when I’m alone, I would take an occasional shot at karaoke when the moment presented itself. Yet still, I have this yearning to perform, I have this yearning to learn guitar and share my voice with others.

Fairly recently, through circumstances and connections, a certain inner call to action again sparked this passion. Joining my church vocal group and spending time each day to develop my vocal skills scratches that itch to some extent. I’m by no means ready for prime time, but hold a greater sense of fulfillment by expressing this gift. I think with time and practice I will expand on this passion by taking guitar and voice lessons. Just writing this piece fills me with a sense of excitement as I contemplate the possibilities.

What more could you be if you gave yourself the chance to sound your siren? Share with me a passion that would bring greater fulfillment to your existence.

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