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Welcome to my Blog at EdAssessSolutions.com.

As my friends may know, I started a personal blog several months ago after kicking the idea around for a couple of years. I also had a website URL that I wasn’t sure how to use. Since then, a couple of concepts have come together. First, and in line with the original intent of my website, I began doing some educational consulting.  Primarily this has been consultation in developing organizational educational programming, and development of educational products, both for local clients and on freelance websites such as Elance.com.

The next idea was a total surprise, but divinely aligned with my strengths. I have always been what is termed a generalist. I’ll digress for a moment before I explain the concept that really kicked this blog into gear. I know a fair amount about a lot of things, but I’m not particularly expert at any. Give me an expert in one of those areas and I’ll be able to hold a conversation and learn a lot.  Give my an average person, I may seem like something of an expert. I was getting caught up in the trap of not feeling expert enough to share my knowledge in any way except in conversation or online chat with a friend. But, it seemed that friends would come to me because of a particular area of knowledge.  Is it vital that I’m an expert to share what I know? I have determined that if I have this knowledge, I need a vehicle to share it.  All signs are pointing to this as something of a calling. Back to the catalyst concept that sparked changing my Ed Assess Solutions website into a blog. An app called Lift help me to extinguish certain habits and strengthen other more productive, healthful ones, when I received a message from CEO, Tony Stubblebine, that they had identified several users who consistently checked in to his or her habits and would like to invite us to become online accountability coaches. Thanks to Tony, I realized that this was indeed something that aligned with my mission to help people develop his or her potential to the fullest. Lift soon became Coach.me and I became a coach. What this means is that clients can sign up for chat consultation to aid them in working toward establishing habits that support positive life change. I am also available for telephone consultation and have just completed a plan for Creating a Fitness Habit for Life in 24 Days, which I will write about shortly. If you would like to sign up for coaching with me, follow the link below.
Get coached on Coach.me

Even if you don’t want to sign up for coaching, you can join Coach.me for free and check in daily.

My blog entries will mostly focus on health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, education, and psychology, but who knows what whims I may follow from week to week. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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