Victim Mentality: 10 Ways to Help Clients Conquer Victimhood

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Life isn’t always fair, and injustice is everywhere. However, some people see themselves as victims whenever they face setbacks or don’t get their own way.
Can you recall someone who ‘plays the victim’ to win sympathy for their point of view? Maybe even accuse others of being bullies, abusers, or psychopaths if they disagree with them. Playing the victim can help someone get their needs met without taking any responsibility for their part in a difficult situation (Andronnikova & Kudinov, 2021).
What causes this ‘victim mentality’ and how is it distinct from victimization? What are the signs and dangers, and could there be a close relationship between victim mentality and narcissism?
We’ll answer your questions below and also share how to help clients overcome a victim mentality. These include developing resilience to life’s inevitable losses and disappointments, cultivating self-efficacy and compassion when things don’t go as planned.
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