What Is Well-Being and How to Cultivate It: Lessons On Flourishing


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“The greatest wealth is health.” ~ Publius Vergilius Maro

This is what the ancient Roman poet Virgil said more than 2,000 years ago, and it still holds true today. Health is not only the absence of disease, but also the presence of being well. Well-being is what makes us feel alive, happy, and fulfilled. Well-being is what gives us the strength and the courage to face the challenges and opportunities of life. Well-being is what makes us human. Well-being is not just a buzzword or a luxury. It is a vital aspect of our human experience that affects every dimension of our existence.

This article is the introduction to a series of articles on well-being. We will explore the concept of well-being and share some insights and tips on how to enhance your own well-being and the well-being of those around you. 

Well-being is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It is a complex and dynamic phenomenon that depends on many factors, such as your personality, your values, your culture, your environment, and your life circumstances. However, there are some common elements that can help us understand and measure well-being. These are:

  • Physical well-being: how healthy and energetic you feel in your body
  • Mental well-being: how happy and satisfied you feel in your mind
  • Emotional well-being: how positive and balanced you feel in your emotions
  • Social well-being: how connected and supported you feel by others
  • Spiritual well-being: how meaningful and purposeful you feel in your spirit

These elements are interrelated and influence each other. For example, if you are physically unwell, you may also feel mentally and emotionally low. Or if you are socially isolated, you may also feel spiritually empty. Therefore, to achieve optimal well-being, you need to take care of all these aspects of yourself.

But how can you do that? How can you improve your well-being in a world that is full of challenges, distractions, and pressures? How can you find the time, the energy, and the motivation to take care of yourself and others? These are some of the questions that we will address in this series.

We will also share with you some of the latest scientific findings on well-being, as well as some practical tools and techniques that you can use to boost your well-being on a daily basis.

Our goal is to help you discover the power and potential of well-being in your own life.It is our hope that by reading our series, you will gain a deeper understanding of what well-being is, why it matters, and how to cultivate it. We hope that you will also feel inspired and empowered to take action and make positive changes in your life that will enhance your well-being and the well-being of others.

Well-being is not a destination. It is a journey. It is not something that you can achieve once and forget about. It is something that you need to work on every day. It is also something that can change depending on the circumstances of your life. Sometimes you may feel more or less well than other times, and that’s okay. The important thing is to keep trying to improve your well-being and to appreciate the good things in your life.

Well-being is not only good for you. It is also good for the world. When you are well, you are more likely to be kind, compassionate, generous, creative, productive, and resilient. You are also more likely to contribute to the well-being of others and to the common good of humanity. Well-being is not a selfish pursuit. It is a noble aspiration.

Well-being is not a mystery. It is a science. It is not based on myths or superstitions. It is based on evidence and research. Well-being is not a matter of luck or fate. It is a matter of choice and action. Well-being is not out of reach. It is within your grasp.

Well-being is possible for everyone. And it starts with you.

PERMA-frost, PERMA-grin? What Is PERMA and Why is It Important?

One of the leading experts on well-being is Martin Seligman, a psychologist and the founder of Positive Psychology. Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life worth living. It focuses on the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to flourish. It also offers evidence-based strategies to increase well-being and happiness in various domains of life.

In Seligman’s book Flourish, he presents his dynamic concept of what well-being really is. He argues that well-being is not just about being “happy”, but about flourishing as a whole person. He proposes a model of well-being that consists of five elements, sometimes called the five pillars of well-being: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA). He also provides evidence-based strategies and interventions to help individuals and communities increase their well-being and flourish. In the remainder of this article, we will provide the basics of this model of well-being because it is so accessible in terms of understanding the elements and taking targeted actions to improve well-being. As we dig deeper in the series, we will focus on each pillar for the month with a different aspect each week.

Boosting Your Well-Being and Happiness with PERMA

PERMA is a powerful framework for measuring and enhancing well-being and happiness. In this article, we will explain what each element of PERMA is and why it is important for well-being and happiness. We will also give you a sneak peek of what you will learn in this series, where we will dive deeper into each element of PERMA and provide you with practical tips and exercises to apply them in your daily life.

By the end of this series, you will have a better understanding of your own well-being and happiness and how to improve them with PERMA. You will also have the opportunity to share your experiences and feedback with me and other readers in the comments section.

Understanding Positive Emotions and why they are important?

Positive emotions are pleasant feelings that arise from satisfying or meaningful experiences. They include emotions such as joy, gratitude, love, awe, pride, and more.

Positive emotions are important for well-being and happiness because they:

  • Enhance your mood and energy levels
  • Broaden your perspective and creativity
  • Build your resilience and coping skills
  • Strengthen your immune system and physical health
  • Foster positive relationships and social support

In the first month of this series, We will learn how to experience more positive emotions in your life. Including:

  • Identify and savor the positive moments in your day
  • Express gratitude for the people and things that enrich your life
  • Practice kindness towards yourself and others

These are simple but powerful strategies that can boost your well-being and happiness in a matter of minutes.

The series on Positive Emotions begins here: https://enlivenwellnesscoaching.com/the-power-of-positive-emotions

Engagement and why is it important?

Engagement is the state of being fully absorbed and immersed in an activity that challenges your skills and interests, or “in the zone”. It is also known as flow, which was coined by pioneer of positive psychology Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (Yep, that’s a tricky one. His name is pronounced ME-High Chick-SENT-me-high.)

Engagement is important for well-being and happiness because it:

  • Increases your motivation and performance
  • Enhances your learning and growth
  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence
  • Reduces your stress and anxiety
  • Adds more fun and enjoyment to your life

In the second month of this series, We will teach you how to find more engagement in your activities. You will learn how to:

  • Understanding “Flow” or being “in the zone”
  • Set clear and attainable goals for yourself
  • Find and use your strengths in various domains of life
  • Seek feedback and challenge yourself to improve

These are proven strategies that can help you find more flow, passion, and interest in your hobbies, learning, work, or any other activity that matters to you.

What are Positive Relationships and why are they important?

Positive relationships are connections with others that are based on trust, respect, care, and support. They include relationships with family, friends, colleagues, community members, or anyone else who enriches your life.

Positive relationships are essential for well-being and happiness because they:

  • Provide you with emotional support and comfort
  • Enhance your sense of belonging and identity
  • Offer you opportunities for learning and growth
  • Inspire you to be more kind and generous
  • Make your life more meaningful and fulfilling

In the third month of this series, You will learn how to improve your positive relationships with others. You will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively and empathetically with others
  • Express appreciation and gratitude for others
  • Give and receive support in times of need

These are effective strategies that can help you build stronger bonds with others and enjoy more support and intimacy in your life.

Meaning and why is it important?

Meaning is the sense of purpose and direction that guides your actions and choices. It is also the feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself, such as a cause, a value, a goal, or a community.

Meaning is important for well-being and happiness because it:

  • Motivates you to pursue your goals and dreams
  • Aligns your actions with your values and beliefs
  • Enhances your self-awareness and authenticity
  • Fosters your sense of contribution and impact
  • Increases your resilience and hope

In the fourth month of this series, We will teach you how to find more meaning in your life. You will learn how to:

  • Reflect on your values and passions
  • Explore your sources of meaning and purpose
  • Contribute to a greater good or cause

These are powerful strategies that can help you discover your purpose and align your actions with your values and goals.

Accomplishment and why is it important?

Accomplishment is the feeling of achievement and mastery that comes from pursuing and attaining your goals. It is also the recognition and reward that you receive for your efforts and successes.

Accomplishment is important for well-being and happiness because it:

  • Boosts your self-esteem and confidence
  • Enhances your competence and skills
  • Provides you with feedback and validation
  • Increases your satisfaction and pride
  • Inspires you to set higher goals and standards

In the final month of this series, We discuss how to achieve more accomplishment in your life. You will learn how to:

  • Set SMART goals for yourself
  • Track your progress and celebrate your successes
  • Overcome obstacles and setbacks

These are practical strategies that can help you set and achieve realistic and meaningful goals and celebrate your successes.

How can you get started?

Now that you have a brief overview of what PERMA is and why it is important for well-being and happiness, you might be wondering about your next best step to flourishing.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the next month to start applying PERMA in your life. You can start right now by taking a simple quiz that will assess your current level of well-being based on PERMA.

The quiz will also give you personalized feedback and recommendations on how to improve each element of PERMA in your life. You can take the quiz here: https://enlivenwellnesscoaching.com/wellbeing

You can also subscribe to our blog or follow us on social media to get notified when we post a new article each month. You can also check out our website or contact us for more information about our life coaching and personal development services.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful for your well-being and happiness. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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