What Is the Feldenkrais Method & Is It Effective?

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The promotion of body awareness, nonjudgmental mindfulness, and mental and physical wellbeing is the reason behind the growing popularity of mind-body approaches in the Western world (Mehling et al., 2011).
Approaches such as the Alexander Technique, yoga, mindfulness, and the Feldenkrais Method have all proved popular for reducing stress, enhancing self-awareness, improving posture and flexibility, and contributing to overall holistic health (Kapadocha & Paparo, 2022).
Research suggests the Feldenkrais method benefits the mind and body through increasing awareness of movement and practicing guided attention (Kapadocha & Paparo, 2022).
This article explores the potential of the Feldenkrais Method for improving clients’ mind-body connection through observing their movements while encouraging choice and independent learning (Wallman-Jones et al., 2022).
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